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Students who arrive at school well before their scheduled start time will be placed in the Early Bird Program. The Early Bird Program serves those parents/guardians who must drop off their child before school begins. Early Bird is a voluntary extension of the school day available to all students beginning at 7:00 AM until the start of school. Early Bird provides a place for students to complete homework and quietly socialize with friends in a structured, supervised environment. Students are required to follow all school disciplinary rules during this time. Students are not allowed to leave the designated area before the start of the student’s scheduled class. There is no fee for Early Bird.


Free Bird is a voluntary, free of charge extension of the school day for students not attending 8th period; but, need to wait on Late Bird to begin or are required to wait on a sibling that has an 8th grade class. Students signed into Free Bird will not be charged a fee while waiting for their sibling to be dismissed at the end of the day. Students signed into Free Bird will be provided a quiet study hall environment to complete homework in a structured, supervised environment.


Late Bird is a voluntary, fee-based extension of the school day for all students. Students in Late Bird will be provided a quiet, academic environment to complete homework and quietly socialize with friends in a structured, supervised environment. LATE BIRD IS NOT OFFERED ON THE FIRST OR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.

Late Bird is available to all students in grades 5 through 9 and is scheduled Monday through Friday, 3:50 PM to 6:00 PM (regular school days). Late Bird students are supervised in the school multipurpose room. After 5:00 PM students are frequently provided the opportunity to participate in activities in the courtyard.

Please send your child with snacks and a drink, keeping in mind that there is no refrigeration or microwave available.

Students are not permitted to have electronic devices, including cell phones, out during Late Bird unless permitted by a Late Bird supervisor. A telephone will be made available for students to communicate with parents. Parents will be given the Late Bird phone number.

Students are not permitted to leave campus and return to Late Bird. Students are required to follow all school disciplinary rules during Late Bird. The school reserves the right to exclude students from the Late Bird Program for disruptive behavior or other misconduct.

All students attending the Late Bird Program are required to sign in using the Sign-In/Sign-Out system kept by the Late Bird Program Supervisor. Students registered for the 5:00 PM Late Bird option who are picked up between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM are charged a $15 late pick-up fee. All students picked up after 6:00 PM are charged a $25 late pick-up fee. At 6:30 PM, if all attempts to reach parents and emergency contacts have failed, the police will be notified.


Daily Drop-In Fees: Students are released from classes at 3:50 PM. Parents have until 4:00 PM to pick up their child with no charge. At 4:00 PM, all 5th through 9th grade students remaining on school grounds and not engaged in a structured after school extracurricular activity for which they are registered or in scheduled Teacher Hours will be escorted to the designated Late Bird area. Any students placed in Late Bird due to their parent being late to pick them up, or due to staying after school with the planned intent of staying in Late Bird on an occasional basis are considered “Drop-In” students. Billing Daily Drop-In fees is an administrative burden; Drop-In rates reflect this effort. Upon arrival for pick-up, the parent/guardian of “Drop-In” students must park in the school parking lot and walk in to the Late Bird entrance to sign their child out of Late Bird. A parent/guardian's signature constitutes their agreement to pay the Late Bird Daily Drop-In fee for that day. Any disputes must be noted at the time of sign out.

The school is obligated to supervise students for their own safety. Students without rides who attempt to dodge Drop-In fees by hiding in or about the building without checking in to Late Bird will be subject to disciplinary action.

Sometimes teacher hours, extracurricular clubs and sports programs start later than 4:00 PM. Students waiting for one of these activities to begin must wait in Late Bird, but no fee is charged.

Regular Fee Options: Families that will make frequent use of the Late Bird hours are encouraged to register for Late Bird. Being registered for Late Bird provides significant flexibility for families that cannot consistently pick students up prior to 4:00 PM every day. Families often find it much more convenient to have their student(s) registered for Late Bird than to worry over changing schedules, car pool difficulties and Daily Drop-In fees. When registering for Late Bird families may choose a schedule a payment plan that fits their needs from the table below. Rates are discounted for paying in advance and for multiple-student families.

Late Bird Rate Schedule:

Payment Information:
All fees for late bird will be billed and paid through your account at “SMART FOR CHARTERS.” The school cannot accept any payments by cash or check.

• Parents choosing to pay monthly must register for an entire semester and must select the semester(s) for which they desire to participate on the registration form. First semester fees will be billed in the months of August, September, October, November and December (a full semester costing 5 months times the rate shown in the table above (i.e. 5 months x $70/month = $350 total for one student staying through 5 PM). Second semester fees will be billed in the months of January, February, March, April and May. (August will be billed at the full rate. Students registered for Late Bird in May will not be charged in June. Students not registered for Late Bird in May will be subject to the Daily Drop In rate in June.) Students registered on the monthly plan may drop out of Late Bird by notifying the Auxiliary Programs Coordinator in writing; they will only be billed for months they attended one or more days of Late Bird.
• Parents choosing to pre- pay for the fall semester will be billed in September; pre- payment for the spring semester will be billed in January. Students registering for both the first and second semester during the August enrollment period will not be billed for the second semester if they notify the Auxiliary Programs Coordinator in writing that they do not desire to participate in the second semester prior to December 15th.
• Parents choosing to pre- pay for the full year will be billed in September.
• Payment is due in full by the 30th of the month.
• Once a family commits to a payment plan, they are responsible for abiding by that plan and may ONLY change at the end of the first semester.
• SMART for Charters late payment fees will be applied to payments not paid on time. Delinquent accounts may result in the student being excluded from extra-curricular or other fee-based activities.
• In-Sufficient Funds (NSF): SMART For Charters will apply a fee to any check returned for non- sufficient funds.


Families experiencing financial difficulty are encouraged to contact the Head of Operations in confidence to discuss possible payment options. Families that qualify for financial aid might receive free or discounted Late Bird rates. A financial aid application must be submitted and approved to receive discounted rates.


Billed Late Bird charges and payments will not be removed, refunded or prorated under ANY circumstance, the one exception being that students who have paid the annual rate in advance will, upon request, be refunded one-half of the amount paid if they disenroll prior to 30 September.

Only one Late Pick-Up fee or one Daily Drop-In fee may be waived at the sole discretion of the Auxiliary Programs Coordinator, and only after presenting an explanation of the truly unavoidable situation in writing, with a request that the charge be waived.


Late Bird Registration Forms will be made available via e-mail and at the school office. Registration forms are due by the first day of the new school year (or first day of the second semester).

Students attending Late Bird who have not submitted registration forms by the beginning of the second week of the new school year (or the second week of the second semester) will be treated as Drop-In students and will be billed at the Daily Drop-In rate for all days that they were in attendance in the Late Bird program.





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